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Oct 25, 2012

Although computed tomography (CT imaging) is an essential diagnostic tool for patients with paranasal sinus disease the test is associated with significant costs, radiation exposure, and overuse concerns.  To help define appropriate use of CT imaging an expert panel was convened and areas of clinical consensus were identified using a 3 round modified Delphi method. Statements reaching consensus included (a) CT imaging is not indicated for clinicall diagnosed uncomplicated acute sinusitis or when sinusitis has fully responded to antibiotic therapy, (b) CT imaging is indicated for adults with chronic sinusitis, recurrent acute sinusitis, and those not responding appropriately to medical management, and (c) CT imaging is indicated for tumor surveillance, complicated sinusitis, complicated dental infections, and for facial pain following dental surgery (odontogenic sinusitis). When CT imaging is obtained for routine chronic sinusitis intravenous contrast is not indicated.  Further, plain radiographs and ultrasonography are not recommend for evaluating sinusitis.


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